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Communication skills are emphasized with the two-year-olds because of children's focus on language development. Stories and songs take on more meaning, but are not as important as the dialogue between teacher and child.

Two years is a stage of independence and limit-testing. The proper balance of freedom of activity and decision making while giving appropriate limits set by our teachers is critical to the development of your child's self-esteem.

Relationships between children that are assisted by teachers provide the greatest opportunity for social development.

Physical development is reinforced by expansion into more complex gross and fine motor activities, all of which are promoted by an appropriate environment, equipment and developmentally appropriate activities.

Toilet readiness usually occurs during this time. We take a relaxed approach and find that interest in participating with peers combined with reinforcement by teachers of the techniques used at home is a sufficient motivator for most children.

Cognitive development is focused on language-related activities such as identification, counting, Letter Factory and measurement.
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