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Our Infant/Toddler program focuses on four areas: self-esteem, Communication skills; social skills; and physical development.

Self-esteem is fostered by the care givers through close personal contact, communication with positive reinforcement, permitting freedom of activity, granting of responsibility, and respect for the child as an individual.

Communication skills are fostered through thoughtful speaking with the children during routine tasks such as diaper changing, and in stories, music, and through the description of activities occurring in their presence.

Social development is largely a function of the babies' interaction with adults, however because the children are grouped together, their development is enhanced through physical contact, interaction in play, and structured group activities.

Physical development is the foundation upon which cognitive development is based. Adequate support of the sensory motor stage of development is of the utmost importance. Responsive care givers provide the most significant experience, but the environment and physical activities are structured to maximize development.

Toddlers are more mobile, more capable, and experiencing significant language development. Our program features more challenging activities in the yard, with climbing structures and opportunities to take walks around the school. Group activities are begun featuring singing, playing musical instruments, playing movement games, and hearing stories. Because toddlers' attention spans are short and rapidly shifting, our program is highly flexible and individualized.
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